About Cloud

We love Salesforce because it improves your bottom line and empowers your team through automation and thoughtful user interface design.

Growing Your Business
Through Integrated Systems


We hold ourselves to the highest standard for developing the Salesforce ecosystem. You can be assured that when you work with our team, we closely follow the guidelines of all certification programs so that your business is getting the most highly recommended course of action for any given project. Pair that with our extensive experience in many of the Salesforce disciplines and you can feel confident that we have a dedication to your business, a trustworthy process, and the knowledge to provide what you need to improve.

Rich Hawkins



Founded in 2013, Cloud Construction made its home in San Diego, California. We officially became a Salesforce Partner in 2019, solidifying us as a trusted source to help businesses get the most out of their CRM. We service small to midsize businesses in many different industries nationwide.


Learn the ins and outs of the Salesforce design process, further your problem solving skills, practice thinking in terms of the flow of the system, and become familiar with converting client needs into programmable contexts. This is a great chance for you to break into the entire Salesforce ecosystem.